Welcome to Tokyo Farmers Food!

We are a friendly team that helps people living and working in Japan. We know that many of you work very hard every day. You do a lot for your families who live far away.

But there’s a problem. After a long day at work and traveling in trains, you feel too tired. Tired to cook and eat healthy food. We understand. Eating good food is very important, but it can be hard when you are so tired.

That’s why we started Tokyo Farmers Food. We want to help! Every week, we bring fresh and healthy food right to your door. You just tell us what kind of food you like and need for your health. We take care of the rest!

Our food is not expensive. We give you fresh food at low prices. We get our food straight from farms, so it’s always fresh and tasty.

To join us, you need to become a member. It costs 2000 Yen to join. Before you join, you fill out a form. This form tells us about your health and the food you like. This helps us pick the best food for you.

We have one big goal. We don’t want you to eat old or frozen food from the fridge. We want you to have fresh food to cook and eat when you come home from work. And we make sure it does not cost too much. Because we know living in Japan can be expensive.

That’s what we do at Tokyo Farmers Food. We bring freshness to your life!

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